Get Stuff Done: Manage Executive Functions

Equipping Neurodiverse Professionals, Executives, and Entrepreneurs With Personalized Tools: Take Control of Your Time and Attention So You Can Consistently Get Stuff Done and Achieve Your Long-term Professional and Personal Goals

Who Am I?

I have been trying to figure out how to stay focused and attentive, how to decrease procrastination, how to manage “to do” lists, and generally how to get things done my entire adult life. In college, I remember forcing myself to go to the deepest, darkest, part of the library in order to remove all distractions so I could finally study for classes that I didn’t find motivating. I know firsthand what it’s like to be a disorganized mess and I’m excited about the current neurodiversity movement. Adults, both diagnosed and self-identified as having ADD, ADHD, and/or Autism, want to better understand themselves and learn how to manage their own lives.

I’ve found, through my 20 years teaching Special Education high school students, strategies that translate well to coaching adults who struggle with Executive Functions (and other areas of their lives). I’ve personally tried and incorporated these strategies into my own life, and am eager to get started working with you.

Each of my clients receives an individualized approach to managing their specific Executive Function needs in order to meet their professional and personal goals. I love learning about my clients’ passions and goals and working together to make things happen. I am grateful when a client gains clarity in better understanding themselves or achieves their goals because I have been able to contribute to their life in a positive way.

Genie Love holds an MS degree in Educational Leadership, a BS in Physical Therapy,and is licensed in Special Education. She has been a Special Education teacher for 20 years specializing in working with students who have ADD, ADHD, and Autism.

About My Program


Who It Is For:

I work with neurodiverse professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs who are struggling with Executive Functioning (organizing time, maintaining attention, staying focused on long-term goals, completion of tasks, communication effectiveness, etc.).

Through working with me in a collaborative process, my clients get a personalized and customized toolkit of techniques that will enable them to take control of their time and attention so that they can consistently get stuff done and achieve their long-term goals.


Who It Is Not For:

  • People unwilling to make changes to their professional and personal lives.
  • People who are managing their ADD/ADHD/Autism well.
  • People with ADD/ADHD/Autism who are not serious about committing themselves to the hard work required to impact their lives positively.
Module One

Executive Functions and Your Brain


  • You will be able to describe executive functions and how they affect you.
  • You will gain background knowledge of how executive functions work in the brain.
  • You will have knowledge of other people’s experiences and that you are not alone.
  • You will understand that your personal challenges do not define who you are or how motivated you are. 


In this module, you will learn how your brain works and how executive functions impact your professional and personal life. Know that you are not alone in experiencing these challenges and that weaknesses in executive functions do not define you or your ability to be successful.

Module Two

There Are No Quick Fixes


  • There are no quick fixes to manage executive functioning.
  • Understand why the other things that you have tried have NOT worked.
  • It takes work but there is hope!


So many people promise a quick fix to your lack of organization and time management and you have tried them all. The “right” technology and “hacks” will take away your struggles. In the end, you feel like a failure because you just can’t get it together. Don’t give up! There is work to do but there is also hope.
Module Three

Take Back Control of Your Time


  • You will be able to create a weekly schedule that balances routine with flexibility.
  • You will find time in your weekly schedule to work on personal interests.
  • You will have control of your technology use. It won’t control you.
  • You will make use of your personal energy rhythms throughout the day to efficiently get tasks done.


Take control of your time by learning how to create a weekly schedule that provides you with time and flexibility for your tasks as well as personal interests. Take control of the technology in your life so that it no longer controls you. Evaluate how your energy ebbs and flows throughout the day in order to maximize your efficiency.

Module Four

Too Many Notebooks


  • Understand why you procrastinate and how to use it to your advantage.
  • You will be able to manage your time to avoid procrastination throughout the day.
  • You will have strategies to manage avoidance of undesirable tasks.


So many notebooks with so many thoughts and ideas and yet, you’re not getting it all done. It’s still too easy to avoid annoying, boring, and tedious tasks. Through this module, you will be able to consolidate your notebooks and implement strategies throughout your day to manage procrastination and avoidance.

Module Five

Break Long-Term Goals Into Achievable Short-Term Goals


  • You will get off daily autopilot in order to make progress toward your long-term professional and personal goals.
  • You will learn how to break your long-term goals into achievable short-term goals.
  • You will set and follow-through on meeting your short-term goals.


You have long-term goals but just getting the day-to-day tasks done is a challenge. In this module, you will get off of autopilot as you move through your day. You will learn to set personal deadlines, maintain attention, prioritize, and complete the tasks needed to achieve your long-term goals.

Module Six

The Endless “To Do” List


  • You will have control over your “to do” list.
  • You will utilize routines that work for you to begin and end your work and personal day.
  • You will have strategies to implement when you are feeling behind and overwhelmed and when things aren’t going as planned.


In this module, you will develop strategies that work for you to manage the day-to-day “to do” list while maintaining progress toward your long-term goals. You will develop routines to begin and end your work and personal day and have strategies to implement when you feel like you’re not getting it all done.

Module Seven

There’s Too Much Going on in Here


  • You will have strategies to quiet the noise and thoughts in your brain.
  • You will have strategies to keep the inevitable distractions and disruptions from derailing you.
  • You will have strategies to improve follow-through and persistence.


So many thoughts and ideas running around in your brain. How do you quiet them so you can focus on the task in front of you? In this module, you will learn how to use Mindfulness throughout the day to quiet the thoughts and prevent the inevitable disruptions from completely disrupting your focus.

Module Eight

Managing Setbacks


  • You will be able to manage setbacks.
  • You will be ok with setbacks and know they are normal.
  • You will improve your growth mindset by acknowledging the progress you are making, acceptance with where you are in the process of improvement, and confidence in what you’re worth.


You have everything in place to be successful managing your time and making progress toward your goals. What about when you lose momentum? What do you do when it all falls apart? Setbacks happen. In this module, you will learn to utilize a growth mindset to manage your emotions, be more resilient, and get back on track when you encounter roadblocks and setbacks.

Module Nine



  • You will be able to get it all done including time for self-care and personal interests.
  • You will have a way to monitor your progress.
  • You will be able to set boundaries with yourself and with others.
  • You will be able to pause and be proud of the progress you’ve made.
  • This will positively impact your satisfaction with your professional and personal life.


Celebrate your success! You have strategies that work for you to make progress toward your professional and personal goals. You know how to manage your time in a way that works for you. You are able to monitor your progress, manage setbacks, and are confident in your ability to continue. Through this module, you will learn to monitor and fine tune the strategies you’ve implemented as you continue to make progress on your goals.

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