Ok Ryan Holiday, I hear you.

I don’t post on social media because I’m scared to put myself out there in writing.

I don’t feel like I express myself well in writing. I am much better when I can chat with someone face-to-face, read their facial expressions, and adjust what I’m saying as needed.

Writing is one-sided. Either I’m clear and you are with me or else I won’t find out until you post something negative in the comments.

AND…I’m scared not to be smart! That’s my deep secret and I guess maybe the deep secret of anyone who has experienced imposter syndrome.

The truth is that I have something to offer. I know what I’m doing and I’m good at it. And I can tell you this to your face (if we ever meet face-to-face).

And I know that you will either connect with what I’m saying or you will just scroll past and completely forget about me. I’m stuck in my own head and I know it’s self-absorbed to believe that anyone really thinks about me that much.

And, notice, this entire blog is about me and my own imposter syndrome issues. I’m thinking about me and you are thinking about you.

So, ok Ryan Holiday, I hear you. I’m going to put myself out there in writing because…why not? Either you’ll care or you won’t and we’ll both move on with our day.

FYI. I can’t even breathe while I’m waiting for my friend’s opinion on this. Feeling ridiculous.

– Genie